Trigger Action Response Plans

Joncris Sentinel Services review TARPs and Procedures, focusing the relationships conditions in normal and elevated environments and emergency situations. We review and provide recommendations with established TARPs.

To do this, we'll analyse a number of factors as:

  • Variations on parameters due to locations within the pit
  • Current TARP levels
  • Data validation and statistical analysis of sample point data
  • Normality and variations processes
  • All levels are assessed, leading to effective actions
  • Gas Evolution data
  • Spontaneous Combustion self heating tests
  • Allocation of roles and responsibilities
  • Comparison with external guidelines

8 principles of TARPs

1) Simple and Robust2) Adequate to personnel and equipment resources3) Focused on prevention and control by early detection4) Triggers based on normality knowledge5) Regular review6) High Quality Mine enviroment monitoring7) Based on best advice - on and off site8) If an action is required by a TARP, it's a must to abide

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