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The Sentinel Interpretation System for Sampling, Monitoring and Interpretation of Mine Atmospheres or SentSys is the product of over thirty years research into the nature and cause of Spontaneous Combustion.

Joncris Sentinel Services is skilled in the identification and interpretation of Mine Gases with the aim of preventing, through early detection, spontaneous combustion events. Sentsys is designed to support, back up and verify the results of your onsite monitoring program.

With the use of Ventilation Stations and Monitoring Points throughout the mine, bag samples are collected in accordance with "Best Practice" and analysed by the site Gas Chromatograph (GC). The SentSys will process the GC results that examines a baseline from 21 to 40 Indices for each sample.

With this analysis we are able to recognise and quantify the subtle changes that can occur in the mine atmosphere. As we focus on the samples results with no distractions, we are able to recognise any changes from the 'Normal State' much earlier and contact the mine to investigate the cause. Very often, these anomalies are due to some physical or human factor. You are informed of these human factors, or non-compliances with your sample collection procedures.

With our database, we can maintain your sampling records for an indefinite period. We can provide you with information from the start to end of a mining panel from any monitoring point. For example: you’d like to see life of block goafstream results including statistical analysis. Done. The block has been active for 2 years? Doesn’t matter. Compare statistical results from the recent and prior panels? Done.

Our goal is to avoid disasters like this


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